Summer Vacation : CO

We are not a family who goes to the mountains in the winter. In fact, after spending 7 years in Colorado I have learned that trying to get to the mountains in the winter is both dangerous (usually from the snowstorms and non natives trying to drive in them) and frustrating (from the tourists).

No, we are a family who goes to the mountains in the off season. I’ve grown to love this season for this part of God’s creation. Mountain towns have a new life breathed into them when the snow melts and the sun shines warmer.

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How To Do Vegas

Sitting in bed on the last day of the most incredible birthday celebration, trying to make sense of the last 48 hours. And to think I still have one whole day left to celebrate with my family. But for now: reflections from the adventures of my best friends and I in Las Vegas.   Continue reading “How To Do Vegas”