That Person

“Those who, with temperance, with grace, face the strong winds blowing against their faces, are those who appreciate the sweetness when the breeze finally finds its way to their backs.” – Tyler Knott Gregson

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You Get To Choose

“Be messy and complicated and afraid and show up anyways” – Glennon Doyle Melton

Fear has been a big theme lately.

Or rather, how to overcome fear. And in the last few days it occurred to me that we look at fear and grit our teeth and determine ourselves to overcome. When the reality is, the choice to not fear isn’t a choice we can make. Rather, the choice to trust replaces fear. That’s how we overcome.

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Finding Community

Since I was born I have lived in 6 different states (and two different times in two of those states). Growing up in a Christian home meant finding a new church every time we moved. I don’t remember “church shopping” for the first decade of my life, but ever since we moved to Colorado I have vivid memories the experience. So now from CO – NM – TN, I have picked up on a few things to consider when you find yourself in a new city and searching for a new church community:

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48 Hours

It’s more than sneaky tweets or cryptic Instagram posts.

I don’t think I’ve fully registered what just happened in the last 48 hours.

But as I placed the coffee cup sleeve from Muddy’s Bakery in Memphis in the back of the airplane seat, the one I had been using as a bookmark for the last month, I realised I could throw it away for good because I’d be going back.

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Desert Living

Anyone who knows me knows that for as long as I have lived in New Mexico, I have always talked about the day I would leave the desert for the city. I moved to Albuquerque three and a half years ago when I came to UNM as a freshman. I always assumed I would leave immediately upon graduation.

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During the past week God revealed so much to me about worship. I finished Job in my year long Bible plan (which was a challenge to say the least), sat in regular church services, and listened to Chad Veach and John Gray at our church’s conference. The undertone for me was worship.

In an effort to collect my thoughts and remember the words that stood out to me the most from these past few days I’m posting thoughts, quotes, scriptures, and worship songs here.

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One of my goals for 2016 was to read the entire Bible, chronologically. I am using the YouVersion app and so far it’s been a success (meaning I am reading every day and am caught up on the plan – which is rare for this far into the new year). For Christmas my parents gave me a notetakers Bible and reading it front to cover seemed like a great way to break it in.

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