Stucco, Skulls, and Skies

“I’d had no particular interest in the Southwest at all as a young girl, and I was completely surprised that the desert stole my heart to the extent it did.” – Terri Windling

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Small Town Escapes

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We took off from the Moriarty Municipal Airport late in the afternoon. The plane sat four people and you needed to wear noise cancelling headphones to avoid going deaf from the sound of the propellors in the front.

And as we flew over eastern New Mexico I watched the sky change from blue to purple, with the blinding sunset falling into the Sandias behind us. And I thought, how cool, that we get to fly away from the setting sun and into the evening that has already begun in Clovis.

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MORE Grace

I love the word grace. I love the idea of grace. I have it tattooed across my ribs in a spiral, cursive font. I write it over and over again my my devotions each morning. I am forever grateful for it.

I am not very good and putting it into practice.

Because along with grace I also love justice. I love being right. I am more stubborn about winning than showing grace. (Wow that was hard to write).

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Desert Living

Anyone who knows me knows that for as long as I have lived in New Mexico, I have always talked about the day I would leave the desert for the city. I moved to Albuquerque three and a half years ago when I came to UNM as a freshman. I always assumed I would leave immediately upon graduation.

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This summer I left student housing once and for all, and moved into a studio apartment in downtown Albuquerque. Reading this I see all the problems with this decision. Student housing is it’s own world, and regardless of who you live with, you are constantly surrounded by students: you are never alone.

Off campus living means you are more independent and separated from the university. That is the beauty of moving off campus.

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Friday Adventures: The Albuquerque Wall

This summer Chris and I didn’t have to work on Fridays. Our weekends started earlier, and  we determined those days would be reserved for Friday adventures. Once school started this fun little tradition quickly vanished and was replaced by class and work. Except for this Friday, when there was an hour in-between work and the next event where we got to explore.

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