Stucco, Skulls, and Skies

“I’d had no particular interest in the Southwest at all as a young girl, and I was completely surprised that the desert stole my heart to the extent it did.” – Terri Windling

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Summer Vacation : CO

We are not a family who goes to the mountains in the winter. In fact, after spending 7 years in Colorado I have learned that trying to get to the mountains in the winter is both dangerous (usually from the snowstorms and non natives trying to drive in them) and frustrating (from the tourists).

No, we are a family who goes to the mountains in the off season. I’ve grown to love this season for this part of God’s creation. Mountain towns have a new life breathed into them when the snow melts and the sun shines warmer.

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48 Hours

It’s more than sneaky tweets or cryptic Instagram posts.

I don’t think I’ve fully registered what just happened in the last 48 hours.

But as I placed the coffee cup sleeve from Muddy’s Bakery in Memphis in the back of the airplane seat, the one I had been using as a bookmark for the last month, I realised I could throw it away for good because I’d be going back.

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Falling in Love with the South

It’s been a long time since I have visited a new state in the United States. Often times my travel is limited to places I have already been – namely, Denver or Las Vegas or Arizona – and I am grateful for it regardless. But this week was special and I was so excited to see a new part of the country. Tennessee (and most of what I saw of the south on the flight from Houston to Memphis) is flat, very green, and the water is brown. I actually did a double take to make sure I was indeed staring at the Mississippi River and not plots of land.

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Small Town Escapes

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We took off from the Moriarty Municipal Airport late in the afternoon. The plane sat four people and you needed to wear noise cancelling headphones to avoid going deaf from the sound of the propellors in the front.

And as we flew over eastern New Mexico I watched the sky change from blue to purple, with the blinding sunset falling into the Sandias behind us. And I thought, how cool, that we get to fly away from the setting sun and into the evening that has already begun in Clovis.

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Desert Living

Anyone who knows me knows that for as long as I have lived in New Mexico, I have always talked about the day I would leave the desert for the city. I moved to Albuquerque three and a half years ago when I came to UNM as a freshman. I always assumed I would leave immediately upon graduation.

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Coffee or Photography Shoot?


Denver is my favourite travel destination from Albuquerque for multiple reasons: it’s home, it’s only 6 hours away, and it has great coffee shops. For the first Sunday post I want to share some of my favourite places with you.

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How To Do Vegas

Sitting in bed on the last day of the most incredible birthday celebration, trying to make sense of the last 48 hours. And to think I still have one whole day left to celebrate with my family. But for now: reflections from the adventures of my best friends and I in Las Vegas.   Continue reading “How To Do Vegas”