Where Are You From?

Denver, Colorado. Or Nashville, Tennessee. Is it the place you call home? Or the place you live in now? Is it the place you remember or the place you’re discovering?

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Falling in Love with the South

It’s been a long time since I have visited a new state in the United States. Often times my travel is limited to places I have already been – namely, Denver or Las Vegas or Arizona – and I am grateful for it regardless. But this week was special and I was so excited to see a new part of the country. Tennessee (and most of what I saw of the south on the flight from Houston to Memphis) is flat, very green, and the water is brown. I actually did a double take to make sure I was indeed staring at the Mississippi River and not plots of land.

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Coffee or Photography Shoot?


Denver is my favourite travel destination from Albuquerque for multiple reasons: it’s home, it’s only 6 hours away, and it has great coffee shops. For the first Sunday post I want to share some of my favourite places with you.

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Homemade Pumpkin Bread

I love baking. I can’t cook but I can follow a recipe and make cookies, brownies, breads… it’s so soothing for me. And yesterday, a Friday, I most definitely needed an hour in the kitchen to bake and only think about the delicious product at the end. In preparation for a girls Bible study/book club that I was hosting at my little home, I decided to make homemade pumpkin bread.

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